How to Self Fuck

This article will teach you the basic information you need to know about a masturbation technique called self fucking. To self fuck you insert your penis into your anus. This may sound impossible at first but read on to find out how you can begin to pleasure yourself by self fucking.

Before we begin lets clear up some obvious questions you may have. Self fucking is possible because the penis can be flexible while between soft and hard phases of an erection. This middle area of an erection is how men are able to insert their penis into the anus. Also, it is possible to have a full orgasm with ejaculation when the penis is not fully erect. Now that we have answered some questions about the process we can begin the process to self fuck.

1. Get prepared. You will need plenty of good anal lube to keep the self fuck process safe and pleasurable. Keep a towel around for clean up. A great tip is to have some porn available to make it easy to get an erection.

2. Start out with some anal play. Using your fingers or a dildo loosen up your anus to make inserting your penis as easy as possible. You want your anus to be as relaxed as possible before attempting to self fuck.

3. After your anus is ready you need to prepare the penis. This is critical to the self fuck process. If the penis is too hard it will not bend enough to reach the anus. If its too soft you might not be able to insert it into the anus. A tip is to stroke the penis until it starts to become erect and fill with blood. Before you reach full erection, but after the erection starts is the perfect time to try self fucking. With the penis semi-erect, make sure to use lube on the anus and penis to make inserting easy.

4. Using your fingers and palm, push your penis downward and bend the head towards your anus. If your penis is the correct softness you should be able to stretch and bend the head towards the anus. At first just try to get the head to touch near the anus. Get used to what level of erection allows you to reach further. Once you are comfortable and able to bend your penis to the anus, move on.

4. With the head of the penis on top of the anus, use your fingers to “push” the tip of the penis into your anus. This might require a little force. A lot of lube and a loose anus will help you get the head inside the anus. Experiment with different levels of an erection to see which level allows you to more easily insert the head.

5. Once you are able to insert the head into the anus, use your palm or fingers to slide the penis into the anus. Try rocking your body at the same time to get the penis to move in and out.

Self fucking is a difficult process for some. Do not be discouraged if you cannot do it the first time. It can take practice to reach the correct level of erection and to be able to push the head into the anus. Here are some tips to help you master the process of the self fuck:

- Some good positions to try are laying on your back or side and using your hand in front of your body.

- You can also use a supportive item and sit on it to help force your hand and fingers upward on the penis. For example, use the arm of a sofa and straddle it while trying to insert your penis into the anus. You will find that the force of the sofa arm on your hand can help push the penis in further. Also, once its inside the anus, bouncing up and down on the sofa can help it move in and out.

- Lube, lube, lube… The more lube the easier, but sometimes when you get too much lube on your hand or penis it can be difficult to grip the penis to insert it into the anus. Try keeping a towel handy to wipe off your hand to make self fucking easier.

- Check out the self fuck pictures and self fuck videos on this site to see people self fucking. Get ideas on positions and techniques so you can master the self fuck.